In the first instance please contact the Church Office regarding Baptisms.

For more information on Baptism in the Church of England go to
The Church of England website

Baptisms usually take place at 3pm on Sunday afternoons or at the 9:30 am service at St John's.  At St Mary's Farnham and St Mary's Birchanger, baptisms take place during the 11 am service.  After you have contacted the Church Office, the Baptism Co-ordinator will usually contact you to arrange a time for a visit to discuss the arrangements with you and fill in a simple form.
People often ask whether there are rules about Godparents.  Traditionally there are usually three Godparents, two of the same sex as the child and one not.  Godparents have to have been baptised themselves.  
Anyone can be baptised.  We do not just baptise babies and young children, but adults and older children who have not been baptised earlier and who want to take this significant step of being initiated into the family of God are very welcome.  
If you want to celebrate this happy event with a party, our Church Hall is available for hire.