There are many opportunities for prayer at St John's besides the regular Sunday worship.  Among them is Morning and Evening Prayer said on every day of the week except Sundays.  Another is the fact that our church is almost always open during daylight hours for private prayer any day of the week.  Another is the regular monthly Prayer Group..  We are a small group, meeting as a rule on the evening of the 2nd Wednesday of the month in member's houses and would love to welcome you to our number.  Our main emphasis is on prayer for healing.  Our meetings can have a variety of styles, but usually in a quiet contemplative, bible-based format, led by members.   

If you would like to join us and want more information or if you have a prayer request please feel free to talk to Ann Conroy or Janet Wilkin  We can be contacted via the Church Office. You can also write any prayer requests on the list on the lectern at the back of the church.