St. John's Tots

 St. Johns is the place to be on a Tuesday morning at 9.10am.  You will find very lively toddlers playing around the Church with their toys, feeling quite at home and at one with their surroundings. 


With between sixteen and thirty children attending every week (with their Mums, Dads, Grandparents or Carers) there are generally about forty people at the little service, led by Paul or one of the other volunteers.  This lasts about twenty minutes, with prayers, a bible story and a song (where the children can bang drums, shake bells and generally make a lot of noise!).  Thanks to Ann and June for making the wonderful puppets, which are used to help bring the bible story alive. After the service the adults enjoy a chat and a cup of coffee while the children play and enjoy their juice, biscuits and raisins.  

Thank you to everyone who has made the Tots such a real success story for St Johns.  A very special thank you to all the people on the rota who give up their precious time to organise the church with toys and make refreshments. 



Margaret Hill