Arranging a Funeral.

 Arranging a funeral can be a daunting task at a time of great sadness.  We try to make this process as painless and as stressless as possible.  
Your Funeral Director is usually the first contact.  If you particularly want the Rector to take the funeral, you could
contact him direct prior to your funeral director appointment to find out when he is available (the church office should also be able to help).  Please be aware that the Rector's day off is Friday and he may not be able to officiate on that day.  There are other times during the week when it is difficult for him to free up his time.  You may like to look at the church calendar for an idea of when those times are.
There are burial grounds at St Mary's Birchanger and St Mary's Farnham and also at St Mary's Stansted, but not at St.  John's.  However, all the church burial grounds are almost full to capacity and therefore you may be asked if you already have a plot or if the deceased had sufficent connection to the Parish to be qualified for a burial there.  
The local crematoria are located at Harlow and Cambridge.  You can arrange for the ashes to be scattered in any of the burial grounds.  Again, all details can be discussed with your Funeral Director at the time of your initial appointment.